Areas of expertise

Mastering a whole array of skills



Design studies, conception, calculations, implementation and costing.


Construction of storage tanks, piping, high pressure vessels, …


Planning, coordinating, identifying risks, budget control, quality control…


For our own projects or external clients: non-destructive dimensional controls.


A large variety of specific accessories and equipment for storage tanks

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Our expertise:

Designing brand new facilities: process designing (PID) and set-up definition.
Integrating equipment in existing facilities: 3D Laser pointing of existing facilities and replication into 3D modelling tools.

Defining equipment specifications (pumps, sluice gates, filters, valves), piping parts (pipes, accessories…) and metalworks. We also assist our clients through the procurement process (supplier selection, supplier assessment, quality control, tracking deliveries, deliveries control…)

Defining assembling processes, insulation, and paint requirements. We can assist our client during the supplier selection process, by comparing quotes, supervising and controlling at the point of delivery.
Verification through calculations of the correct installation of piping and other works (weight, temperatures) factoring in environmental constraints (climatic, seismic, environmental…) with specialised calculation software, compliant with current construction regulations.

Metalwork Constructions

Our mastery of all metalwork techniques used in the construction and repair of storage tanks allows us to also build steel domes for nuclear facilities, install piping for fire-control networks or connect industrial chimneys and high pressure vessels …

Most of these projects are carried out in France, but international projects are developing rapidly.

Associated Services

We cannot conceive and deliver safe and sound projects without having immediate access to the best control tools.

Therefore, we have developed two specialised branches within our Group: MATEN Métrologie has become an expert in dimensional controls while PROCI has specialised itself in non-destructive controls.

These associated services are at hand for our own projects but can also assist external clients.

Specialised Equipment

Completed storage facilities include many different specific parts and equipment alongside our constructions. MATEN Equipements will look for and select the most adequate parts for a specific project. It will ensure their availability for our branches or clients. They can be drains or seals for floating roofs, aluminium domes or other.

Large Projects

We have become experts at working in challenging industrial environments. Our engineering skills, detailed construction processes, project management abilities and experience in coordinating different areas of expertise (procurement, electricity, automation, insulation, launch assist) have all enabled us to design and carry out the most complex of projects.