Specialist teams for all types of industrial projects

Our Engineering Expertise


Hand in hand with SECOMOC, our ECCR branch will play a vital part in the construction of storage tanks, from the initial design to the final construction blueprint.

Calculation phase

Mechanic: loads, Calculation with finite elements, line flexibility;

Dynamic : seismic calculation, fluid : loss of loads, transitory phenomenon

Conception Phase

Overall plans and Installation plans for all specialities around the storage tank : metalwork, locks, piping…


An expertise in itself

Completely differentiated and independent within the MATEN SECOMOC Group, our engineering unit will assist our clients through all the steps :

  • Feasibility study, pre-project summary (APS),
  • Detailed pre-project (APD) : ground plans, master plans, guide plans, pre-dimensions,
  • Implementation studies and calculations,
  • Delegated project management, assisted project management;